The wonderful, fun and vibrant Kent wedding of Angela and Steven at then simply stunning Eastwell Manor.

Eastwell Manor is a luxury country house hotel and spa located in Ashford, Kent, England. The manor is set within a 3,000-acre estate, providing a picturesque and tranquil setting for guests. The history of Eastwell Manor dates back to the Norman Conquest in the 11th century when it was originally built as a country residence.

Over the centuries, Eastwell Manor has undergone various renovations and changes. Today, it stands as a four-star hotel offering a range of accommodations, including rooms in the manor itself and a selection of modern lodges within the estate. The hotel also features a spa, a golf course, and extensive grounds for guests to explore.

The manor has been known for its architectural charm, elegant interiors, and its role in providing a luxurious getaway experience. Visitors often appreciate the combination of historic charm and modern amenities offered by Eastwell Manor, making it a popular destination for weddings, special events, and leisure escapes.